About the work


I have a keen interest in the various actions of change that govern nature, especially in plants and geology. The more recent work has developed out of drawings made in the garden - studies of plant debris and remnants of compost over the surface of the soil.

This fascination with structure and natural process feeds into the work and resolves itself into an exploration of form; about colour, shape, how elements interact, interrelate; about relationship.

The paintings can be seen as some kind of display or an arena where things happen/are happening or are about to happen.


Brelingen,  International Artist's Residency, Wedermark, Germany, July 2023.

Selected work


The following five pieces are all made on paper using pencil, watercolour, and acrylic. 


Recent paintings


Untitled (No 4) Oil on board 60 x 69cms January 2023


Untitled, (No 3) Oil on Board 60x69cms, and 3 studies; Extracting from compost Numbers 4, 12 and 2


Study; extracting from compost Numbers 9, 6 and 12



Drawing is at the foundation of my painting practice. Various approaches explore form, structure, composition. There is 'information gathering', that is analytical drawing from life or photography, or direct, spontaneous methods which are more instinctive or intuitive.